Reading Teacher

Did you know all teachers are reading teachers? If you want to be a licensed teacher wishing to help students in reading instruction, you can earn a master’s degree and teaching license. We recommend the alternative certification program that leads to a Master of Arts in Teaching offered by National Louis University in partnership with National Teacher Education Center (NTEC).

The program is offered in a blended online format, with both online instruction and face-to-face seminars. The blended format allows you a flexible schedule during the day. As part of this program, candidates will take the credits required to earn a teaching license and MAT degree. Learn more about the Master of Arts in Teaching.


Research-Based Methods of Reading Instruction for English Language Learners, Grades K-4

This book is packed with reliable, high-impact, flexible strategies for teaching and learning that are grounded in research and suitable for teachers at any level. The authors also explain how teachers can use an innovative visual profile to better plan for different teaching and learning styles in their classrooms.

Differentiated Reading Instruction

All teachers recognize the importance of matching literacy instruction to the ability level and needs of each child–but how can this crucial goal actually be accomplished? This is the first book to provide a research-based framework and flexible, highly practical strategies for making differentiated instruction work in the primary grades. Written by leading experts, the book presents:. * Effective techniques for teaching each component of the beginning reading program. * A clear, easy-to-implement assessment system. * Step-by-step differentiation plans for K-3 classrooms. * Vivid classroom examples that illustrate differentiation in action. * Scheduling tips, problem-solving ideas, and helpful reproducibles.

Linking Reading Assessment to Instruction

This worktext applies current theory to classroom practice by providing, in each chapter, a brief explanation of major concepts followed by guided practical experience in administering, scoring, and interpreting reading assessment techniques.